Fast & Easy RAW Zucchini Hemp Tabouli

May 5, 2016
RAW Hemp Tabouli

RAW Hemp Tabouli

RAW Hemp Tabouli
Fast & Easy RAW Zucchini Hemp Tabouli
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Note all of my Recipes are RAW and Organic
RAW Hemp Tabouli
Fast & Easy RAW Zucchini Hemp Tabouli
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Note all of my Recipes are RAW and Organic
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    E-Z Raw Zucchini Hemp Tabouli
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How to Make a Fast Bean Salad

August 7, 2015
RAW Organic Bean Salad

RAW, Organic,  Garden Fresh  Bean Salad

Garden Fresh Organic RAW Beans

My Mother always made her Famous Bean Salad when people were coming over to go swimming in our Pool, when we were having a BBQ and whenever we were going to go to my Parents’ Friends parties.  I have to say, I loved her Bean Salad. (more…)

How to Eat Raw on a Spa Vacation?

July 20, 2015
Mango Carrot Salad

Eating  RAW at a SPA

I just came back from a Mini Vacation to Ste. Anne’s Wellness Spa in Grafton, Ontario.  After driving for over an hour, I pulled off the highway and followed the Road Signs towards the Spa.  As I turned off the main Road onto the Private Spa Road, these signs below greeted me as I drove through the Lush and very Green Countryside.  The first Sign “Yield to Your Inner Self” spoke to me and actually made me pull over and take its picture.  I stood there, reading it again and felt my body, mind and spirit release to what was in store for me. (more…)

How to Make RAW Kale CHIPS

June 12, 2015


Kale in Organic Garden
Curly Kale

The Kale in the picture above was in my ORGANIC Garden. You don’t need alot of space to grow Kale. It’s easy to grow, and keeps on giving all Summer Long and into the Fall. I’ve even brushed off the snow from my Kale and had it in the early Winter. I do however, grow my Organic Kale in Organic Soil with lots of Nutrients. Those Nutrients will go into the Kale and right back into me at some point. 

Kale, whether it’s Curly, Green, Dinosaur, Purple, Russian or Flat, Kale is King!  And what better way to showcase the Star of the Show than as a Chip!  I particularly Love RAW Chips … I love the Crunch, the Salt, the Nuts and the Cheeeeeze!  These RAW Chips are Healthy Chip with no MSG, GMO, Trans-Fats or additives. (more…)

Benefits of Eating Raw Food Talk at Toronto Health Show

June 3, 2015



FOODIE FOOD girl Talks about Raw Food Benefits
Raw Food and what goes into your Body

I was lucky enough to speak about the Benefits of Raw Food at The Toronto Total Health Show April 2015, and it was taped by the Show.  I just got a copy and I’m excited for you to listen to it.  

It is only Audio, so if you want to just listen to me speak about Raw Food and the Benefits while you are working, just turn up the volume.  A few things might just make you stop and really listen in.  I was asked by Mary Taylor, Digestive Care Advisor to join her on stage in front of over 60 people who came to listen to her speak on the topic … ‘The Scoop on Poop”.


Mary and I have teamed up and have developed ‘The In & Out Experience’ where we both talk about what goes into your body (me) and what goes out (Mary).

If you are interested in attending one of our classes, just download the flyer below and give us a call.  If you just incorporated just ONE RAW MEAL A DAY, you will definitely feel the difference and so will your body!

In & Out Experience Workshop Flyer


May 31, 2015


I bought a big bag of Organic Wheatgrass, (I haven’t started sprouting my own Grass yet), and wanted to Juice the entire bag of grass and freeze the Juice for Future Drinks.  So, I got out some ice cube trays and my Mighty Kempo Juicer and just Juiced. 

Organic Wheatgrass for Juicing
Getting Ready to Juice & Freeze Wheatgrass

In order to get the full Benefit of Juiced Wheatgrass, it’s best to Juice it Fresh from a Live, Living Plant and Drink the Juice within 15 minutes of Juicing it. If you don’t have access to Live Wheatgrass, buy it Organically and Juice it as soon as you can.   (more…)

Raw Food Inverview on That Channel

May 30, 2015

FOODIE FOOD girl Raw Food Interview

After the Toronto Total Health Show in April, I was asked to do a TV interview on ‘That Channel’ about RAW Food.  What a fabulous opportunity this was and how much value this interview will be for people wanting to incorporate more RAW Food into their Lifestyle, or for those wanting to make the switch to RAW Food.  But mostly, it was wonderful to have another venue to voice my passion about RAW Plant-Based Food.

Green Energy Juice
Ingredients for a Green, Organic Energy Drink

Since I was going to be interviewed by Hugh Reilly and Hildegard Gmeiner for their ‘Liquid Lunch’ Hour, I thought why not bring my version of my Liquid Lunch, so I made my Green Protein NRG Drink for each of us, as you will see in the interview. PS…they both Loved it!

When you have a Green Juice Drink, it will give you a boost of Energy because the Nutrients and Enzymes are digested so quickly. I added these Organic ingredients:  Green Apple; Papaya Seeds; Celery; Kale; Wheatgrass; Sprouts; Ginger; Cayenne Pepper; Plant Protein Powder and Blue-Green Algae (Superfood).  I also added Coconut Water to give it a bit of sweeeetness.

I had a crazy busy 3 days at the Show and just prepped for my 5 hour RAW Food Basics Workshop when I showed up super casual at the Station. I had no idea what they were going to ask me other than, questions about why I eat Raw Food, Benefits and general stuff.  I had so much fun, and the hour just flew by.  The questions were excellent and it was great to see Hildegard so engaged in our conversation.

Eating a RAW Plant-Based Diet is an excellent way to make many changes, as it helps with Weight Loss, gives you more Energy, helps with Healing, increases your Happiness and helps you Look Younger!  

FOODIE FOOD girl is here to Inspire and Empower Health & Wellness through RAW, Organic, Plant-Based Food.  Incorporating just one or two RAW Food Meals a day will make alot of difference!  This interview is about 30 minutes long and I would really appreciate if you left me your comments below!  

Sit back and Enjoy the Show!

Foodie Food girl Raw Food Interview
All about Raw Food by FOODIE FOOD girl

Click Here:   FOODIE FOOD girl talks about Raw Food

RAW Food Basics – Level 1 Workshop a Success!

April 30, 2015
Raw Organic Food Basics The In & Out Experience Foodie Food Girl

Interested in Losing Weight?  Looking Younger?  Getting Healthier?

My class of Women wanted to know just that and attended my Raw Food Basics Level 1 Workshop to find out – and you can too!

I have also partnered up with Mary Taylor who is a Digestive Care Advisor from Vitality Detox Studio to create The ‘In & Out’ Experience.  I talk about Healthy Food going INto the Body, and Mary discusses the Digestive System and what goes OUT.

Foodie-Food-girl-Veronica-Key-Raw-Food-ExpertMary-Taylor-Veronica Key-Foodie-Food-girl


Me in action!  I created a Healthy, Organic, Raw, Plant-Based, Super-Food Infused Dehydrated Cereal, and showed the Ladies just how Quick and Easy it is to make Almond Milk.  A Healthy Breakie in just 5 Minutes, and with just a little prepping the night before. (more…)