How to Make RAW Kale CHIPS

June 12, 2015


Kale in Organic Garden
Curly Kale

The Kale in the picture above was in my ORGANIC Garden. You don’t need alot of space to grow Kale. It’s easy to grow, and keeps on giving all Summer Long and into the Fall. I’ve even brushed off the snow from my Kale and had it in the early Winter. I do however, grow my Organic Kale in Organic Soil with lots of Nutrients. Those Nutrients will go into the Kale and right back into me at some point. 

Kale, whether it’s Curly, Green, Dinosaur, Purple, Russian or Flat, Kale is King!  And what better way to showcase the Star of the Show than as a Chip!  I particularly Love RAW Chips … I love the Crunch, the Salt, the Nuts and the Cheeeeeze!  These RAW Chips are Healthy Chip with no MSG, GMO, Trans-Fats or additives. (more…)

How to Make Warm RAW SOUP on a Cold Day

April 4, 2015

Home-Made Vegetable Soup in 2 Minutes?

Raw Vegan Vegetable Soup Vitamix Home Made

I was feeling a bit like wanting ‘soup’ today, probably the change in temperature outside, so I decided to make My Mother’s Home Made Soup Recipe, (without the Animal ‘Soup’ Bones).  I wanted a bit of a comfort feeling, so I dehydrated my Yam Cubes for 4 hours at 118 F (42 C) to get them a little soft and a little warm.  Raw doesn’t mean your food has to be cold. You can warm food up to 118 F  for up to 2 minutes, when food becomes to warm to touch. (more…)