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Hello & Welcome

Thank you for Stopping By!

I’m VeRAWonica Key, The Foodie Food Girl and RAW Plant-Based Chef.

I’m 60 and I think 60 is the New Sexy and I’d like to Show you HOW You too can get Get Your Sexy ON through RAW Plant-Based Foods!

RAW Tribe

Following VeRAWonica on her social media platforms has been eye-opening... Her passion for healthy, RAW Food has inspired me to embrace them more in my own life. Her 'RAWcipes' are interesting, creative and unique & her Lifestyle Tips have inspired me to make them mine too.  

 VeRAWonica is the real deal. Her enthusiasm and energy are contagious.  She is simply a walking advertisement for the benefits of a RAW, Organic,
Plant-Based Diet.


Ever since I met VeRAWonica The Foodie Food Girl, 5 years ago, she has been teaching me how to live a Healthier lifestyle.

I always drank Coffee and she told me about Energy from Green Drinks. I just didn’t want to make the change. But now that she wrote GREEN is the New Black, I read it, and listened to it and am I incorporating GREEN Drinks into my Daily Life.


RAWlog & RAWmazingnes…

Stay up to date with the latest RAWtips & RAWmazingnes

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