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My Journey to becoming a Raw Organic Plant-Based Foodie

My Journey to becoming a Raw Organic Plant-Based Foodie

How it all started …

I ate Organically during my childhood as GMO’s were not in the picture at that time.  I also had Austrian Parents who grew their own ‘Organic’ Food, mostly Fruits and Veggies.  My Mother didn’t buy any Canned, Processed, Boxed, Packaged or Fast Food.  We hardly went out to eat.  I never knew what Pasta was, or White Rice or White Bread, Plastic Wrapped Orange Cheese, or what Canned Soup tasted like until I left home.  Everything was made from scratch. We had a Home-Made Soup everyday made from Soup Bones and we ate a lot of Meat Dishes, and I loved it!  My Parents made Jam and Preserves from their Fruits they grew. They made Wine and Beer and Schnapps too. My Mother was an awesome Cook and Baker.  We had Desserts all the time – Apple Strudel, Cheesecake, Black Forest Cake, Vanilla Cookies etc. etc. You name it, my Mother made it!

Once I started living on my own, I continued in my Organic lifestyle, especially since I knew enough about GMO’s and their damage to us, our Environment and our Food.  Everything I bought and consumed in my Environment was Organic. I stopped drinking Milk once I learned about the Milk Industry, and honestly, it never sat well with me drinking a Cow’s Milk.  I switched to Soy Milk, which made me sick and then eventually to Rice which I didn’t like and on to Almond Mylks which I still drink today but RAW. I tested Different Diets all the time, and it was becoming my hidden obsession.  I kept revising and changing my Diet Lifestyle to reflect the next thing I read about … I Weighed my Food, Counted Calories and practiced Portion Control. I got heavily into Vitamins and Minerals and starting Supplementing.

Then, My Mother died and everything went down downhill including myself. I began punishing myself with Partying, Alcohol and excessive Dating.  My Therapist told me I was avoiding the Pain and Substituting and Numbing it instead of dealing with it. I withheld Food from myself because I watched my Mother wither away because she couldn’t eat anymore and I felt so bad about eating, like I was cheating. 

I started modelling and still partook in those Unhealthy and Bad Habits, and literally lived on Celery, Popcorn and Vodka to stay and be thin. I just wasn’t Healthy.  I had Allergies, Asthma, Pollen and Dust bothered me, I couldn’t be around Pets as I started Sneezing and Wheezing.  I had Yearly Colds and Flus.  I thought all of this was normal.

I got out of modelling and into the Toronto Real Estate business full time and it became my job.  I was on the run all day, nite, and on weekends!  I didn’t realize just how much Positive Energy, Physical Endurance and Mental Focus you needed in this business.  It was exhausting!  During those often gruelling hours, I started to notice how depleted I felt and I just didn’t function well at that sustained level.  I was tired and burning the candle at both ends.  I kept getting Sick, which as a Self-Employed Entrepreneur, I just couldn’t afford. 

When My Father passed away, I buried my pain in my Food.  I ate Carbs, and a lot of them.  I didn’t care.  I worked non-stop until I literally dropped.  I was so Depressed I went to my Family Doctor who suggested I go on Prozac.  Everything changed for me in that moment.  I thought to myself, I’m way too Strong to give in to a Pill.  And so my Journey began, Healing myself with the Help and Guidance of my Holistic Team of Miracle Workers.  My hired Team consisted of an Acupuncturist, a Chiropractor, an Energy Scanner, a Nutritionist and a Homeopathic Doctor!  I wanted them to put me back together again and they did!  I learned so much about the Body-Mind-Spirit Connection from these exceptional ‘Radicals’.  I learned about Food and Body and Emotions and how it all works together.  I was Changing, Growing, Learning and Feeling Better.  I started to make better Food choices as well. 

I learned even more than I care to know now, about the Dairy Industry, and eliminated all Dairy Products out of my Diet.  It was as if overnite all of my Allergies to Pollens, Dust and Pets disappeared.  I didn’t need my Puffer anymore.  I wasn’t Wheezing or Sneezing and I didn’t get any more Colds and haven’t had the Flu since.  

I had a moment where I was stuffing a Turkey, and then I looked at my Dog who was on her back with her legs spread open and her head was tilted sideways so I couldn’t see her head.  I looked at her again, then at the Turkey, then back at her.  I made the connection.  I felt sick about what I was doing and couldn’t continue.  I started watching videos of Abused Factory Farmed Animals and felt even more sick.  It was gut-wrenching, inhumane.  I got really mad and told everyone about this injustice.  No one wanted to hear about it which made me very sad.  I felt very alone and started to reach out to people who were like-minded and followed and learned from them via the Internet. 

I started transitioning from Eating Meat to becoming a Vegetarian for 2 reasons mostly.  Firstly, I realized that Meat is not meant for Human Consumption as our Bodies cannot Assimilate Meat the way Animals can. And Secondly, I have chosen Kindness over Cruelty. I was making a stand against Animal Slavery and Injustice which lead me to become a Food Vegan! 

But, Nothing Changed my Life more than when my Dog got Sick!  Jasmine, my 2 year old Chihuahua at the time, was sick so much so, that I felt like every time I walked into the Vet’s Office, I had her under one arm and my wallet under the other.  Then one day, Jasmine was like a wet washcloth, limp, unresponsive and I was scared!  I took her to a Hospital where she stayed for 7 days.  All of the Doctors had no answers for me, except she had an ‘Autoimmune’ Disease.  What was that?  I was going to find out!  If I wasn’t with Jasmine I was on the Internet searching for answers trying to understand what was wrong with her.  In my searching, I found a Holistic Vet and he told me to bring her in to see him.  I got Jasmine released from the Hospital and $7,500.00 paid to the Hospital later, we were in front of that Vet.  Jasmine was limp, weak and pumped up on Medication.  The Vet merely said to stop her medications and put her on Raw Meat Diet!  What? Raw Meat? What the heck was that?  I remember eating Steak Tartare as a kid – was that was he was talking about? He handed me his Book “The Holistic Way for Cats and Dogs” I went home and read the entire book as the tears rolled down my face.   I  felt like the Fur-Mother of the Year Award was not going to me!  Here’s what I learned …. Dogs Eat Raw Food … Meat, Bones, Cartilage, Organs, Botanicals and Grasses!  I immediately changed Jazzy’s Diet, and within 3 days, I had a different Dog!  Jasmine is 12 now and has NOT been sick one day since!

I started to think about if Raw Food changed Jasmine, how could Raw Food change Humans.  It was as if the Universe opened up to me because I went to the Toronto Health Show and met a Fascinating Man called Markus Rothkranz.  A Raw Plant-Based Foodist! What the heck is that now?  I bought some of his books, and well, the rest is History! 

Bottom line, Cooking Food kills precious Enzymes, Vitamins, Minerals and Meat and Animal By-Products are not meant for Human Consumption  and it’s all Killing us. 

Raw Plant-Based Food is Live, Living Food for our Live, Living Bodies.  Food from Nature –  Fruits, Veggies, Herbs, Nuts and Seeds are what our Bodies need for Fuel, Energy, Maintaining Optimum Weight and for running every part of our Bodies Efficiently and Effectively.

I started looking into people’s fridges when I was showing Homes, and I thought wow so much stuff and no Real Food.  I realized that I could help people get on the right track towards Health and Wellness because at the end of the day, Your Health is Your Wealth – nothing else matters if you don’t have your Health!  It’s just that simple.

I’ve watched how GMO’s have entered the world of Conventional Foods, and I became more determined to teach people How to Eat to Save their Lives.  Help people re-vamp their Kitchens, Cupboards and Fridges.  To re-think how Food is connected to Everything, and How Everyone should know Where their Food comes from and How it gets to you.  Helping people backtrack their Food from Land, to their Table to their Mouth and How Food works inside our Bodies.  I was helping people change their Lives one person at a time.  I loved it, but now I want to effect change on a larger scale, thus my Website Blogs, Recipes, Social Media and You Tube Channel.

It’s all about the Money, and Honey, no one cares about you, so YOU better care about YOU!  No one is applying for that Job – so YOU better apply! Greedy Companies have been lying to us, because they think we are stupid – and we have been stupid – until now.  When you know better – please do better. Making the most out of your Life, starts with what YOU put into YOUR Mouth.  

I want to teach you Why you should put RAW, Organic Plant-Based Food into your Body, and How it helps your Mind, Spirit and Soul.  How it helps you Lose Weight, Look Younger and Reverse the signs of Aging. You will have more Energy, Feel Better and have less Ailments, Aches and Pains. A whole host of things that you experienced will disappear like Colds, Flues, Inflammation, Allergies and much more. It’s the Easiest and Fastest form of Eating, the Most Efficient, Vibrant, Nourishing and the Tastiest. You may not ever be 100% Raw, and that’s OK … Just Start making Positive Changes in your Life – 

One RAW Plant-Based Smoothie, Salad, Fruit or Veggie at a time!


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