Quick Tips on How to Make RAW Coconut Yogurt or RAWGURT

June 12, 2015


Young Coconuts and Meat
RAW Coconut Water & Meat is Delicious & So Healthy

According to Wikipedia, “Analysis of the L. delbrueckii subsp. bulgaricus genome indicates that the bacterium may have originated on the surface of a plant.  Milk may have become spontaneously and unintentionally infected through contact with plants, or bacteria may have been transferred via the udder of domestic milk-producing animals.”  Hmmmm, so Yogurt was originally made with Wild Bacteria and not Milk as many think, and believe, this is the only way to have Yogurt.  

I use Bio-K+ a 50 Billion Liquid 100% Probiotic with Fermented Rice in this recipe.  I also take one container daily and give a small splash to my Chihuahua Jasmine in her food as well. What I like about this product is that they keep their Bacteria Alive even during their manufacturing process!  And Live, Living Food is what RAW is all about. (more…)