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Your 1 Day RAW Challenge


BONUS#1: 30 Motivation Mind Mantras 

+ 8 KEY TIPS to Keep you Positive and Motivated:

  1. Print a few Copies of this List and Cut them into separate Mantras
  2. Post All of these Mantras Eye to Card Level
  3. Post some of these on your Mirrors, Doors, Cupboards
  4. Put some of these Mantras in your Wallet, Purse and Car
  5. READ, Re-READ and Keep READING them Over and Over Again!
  6. Read until you Believe.
  7. Smile as you Read these Mantras 
  8. Positive Thinkers Get Positive Results!

BONUS #2: The Fuel List Chart

+ 10  KEY Fuel List Tips to Keep you On Track:

  1. Whenever you are 3/4 finished with an Item, put it in the Category Chart on your Fuel List right away.
  2. Make your Fuel List a Habit by Filling it in and Taking it with you. 
  3. Make sure your List is in an Easy and Accessible place where you will remember to write in it and take it with you!
  4. Prepare for your Grocery Shop by going through your Fridge and Pantry and seeing What you Need for your week and Recording it in your Fuel Chart List.
  5. Be Prepared.  Block time for Driving and Shopping. 
  6. Bring with you a Different colour Pen, Fuel List and your Own Bags. 
  7. Always Consult your List to Stay On Track!  Cross off what you have already purchased. 
  8. If something is on your List like Grapes and Kiwis are on Special, then and only then, Replace your Item.
  9.  Check out Local Farmers' Markets near you and shop there first with your List in hand. 
  10.  Review your List BEFORE you head home to make sure everything you Needed is crossed off your List and in your Cart!

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