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About VeRAWonica and

Who is VeRAWonica? 


Hello!  I’m VeRAWonica Key, The Foodie Food Girl and RAW Plant Food Creator and Chef.  

I’ve spent the last 40 years Learning, Studying, Researching, Teaching and Preaching, Health and Wellness. 

I have been Eating RAW Plant-Based Foods for a while now and love Experimenting and Creating my own RAWcipes!

When I first started this ‘RAW’ Journey, it was difficult.  There weren’t a lot of resources available and so I struggled with learning how to navigate through What to Eat, What to Buy, How to Eat and Prepare some of these Foods.  I had to learn to use new Machines and Tools, as I no longer needed conventional ones. (The Microwave was the first machine to go!)

And so, I set out to figure this all out.  I was on a mission to really master this new way of Eating, by understanding it and its benefits and how it affects the body. I learned about Superfoods, Sea Vegetables and Algaes, Fermenting, Sprouting and Nuts and Seeds.  I learned more about Antioxidants, Vitamins, Minerals, Trace Minerals, Herbs, Probiotics and Bitters.  I studied the Body and Food.  I was always Captivated by Health, but now I was Learning to take my Health to the Next Level and a whole New Level of Health. I fell in more in love with the Vibrancy and Colours and Textures and Smells and Tastes of RAW, Organic and mostly Local Plant-Based Foods, so much so, that I eventually started creating my own RAWcipes.   The next step was, to get my RAW Plant Food Chef Certification, which I did.

I tried to teach everyone how great this was, but you can’t preach to an empty Church.  So, I decided to ‘show’ people my Creations through my Social Media and I started getting a following along with comments and questions.  My Friends started noticing the Results on me Physically, and more and more people started asking me to help them with their Diet.  Nothing spreads the word more than a Visual!

I’ve always loved helping people, it’s in my DNA, so I decided to help people like You by designing a few Guides.  My 7DAY RAW for Beginners is a Simple Step-by-Step Guide with Instructions, and Easy-to-Follow RAWcipes to help you transition and/or to just incorporate more RAW Plant Foods into your life.  You don’t have to think about a thing, as I’ve set it all out for you Day by Day!  7DAY RAW Intermediate and Advanced will be launching soon!

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Life as a Realtor

I am also a busy Real Estate Broker in Toronto and often work Evenings, Weekends and Holidays, and what I learned most about my Life as a Realtor is that Eating RAW Plant-Based Foods helps Boost and Maintain my Energy which is so often needed! Eating this way also Saves me Time in the Kitchen with Meals and Cleanup, especially when I’m on the GO! 

Veronica Key Toronto Realtor Broker

Love of My Life

The Most important Job I have and my Most Cherished Passion, is my FurBaby, Jasmine, who is the Love of My Life.  She is a Long-Haired Chihuahua and she puts the ‘WOW’ in Chihuahua and eats a RAW Diet, but a Dog-Appropriate RAW Diet. I switched her to this Nutrient-Dense Food after she was ill for a week in the Hospital with no answers as to why.  I’m writing an E-book on RAW for Dogs – launching soon!

It was because of Jasmine, that I started my RAW Food Journey and since then, we both have not been sick one day since we went both went RAW. 

Jasmine Key

I’m Busy!

I Work Out regularly, Walk Jazzy twice a Day, take care of my house and garden, am on the Move with my Real Estate Career, and work on my RAW Fabness Business.  I’M BUSY!  This Time-Saving Lifestyle has just accelerated my Life to a whole New Level of Energy and Health.

RAW at 60!

Since going RAW Plant-Based, I haven’t been Sick, or had the Flu, or have any Aches or Pains. I don’t get Headaches or have Allergies or Asthma, all of which I had when I ate Cooked Food.  At 60 Years old, I don’t take any Pharmaceutical Prescription or Medication. I’ve Lost Weight – (especially that Menopausal Belly), and have More Energy than when I was 50!

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So, if there’s one thing I’m passionate about, it’s 

RAW, Organic Plant-Based Foods!!!


  • The Health and Wellness Aspect as I mentioned above
  • The Time-Saving Efficiency of Meals and Kitchen Cleanup
  • The Physical and Health Benefits I’ve Personally Noticed and Experienced
  • The Unique Shapes, Colours, Smells and Tastes of Organics RAW Foods


  • Inspiring
  • Teaching
  • Motivating
  • Empowering
  • Educating people like YOU who want to GO RAW for Your Health’s Sake!


  • Sharing my RAW Journey
  • Creating and Sharing my Fast & E-Z, Nutritious and Delicious RAWcipes through my Website, and YouTube Videos


Whether you just stumbled upon this site, or purposely came here, you will find something of interest if you are interested in your HEALTH!

After all, as I like to say:    YOUR HEALTH IS YOUR WEALTH!

Come and Take a Journey with me if you are:  

  • Sick of being Tired OR
  • Tired of being Sick OR
  • Want to Improve Your Health OR
  • Boost Your Energy OR
  • Want to LOOK and FEEL Your Best 
  • Want to incorporate Healthier RAW Food choices, but don’t know where to start.

You are in the right place!

KEY Tips I’ll share with you: 

  • Find Out what I do to feel as FABulous as possible 
  • Learn my Beauty and Anti-Aging Secrets
  • Note How I lost Weight and Kept it Off 
  • Discover How I went from having Health Issues to Being Healthy 
  • Travel with me through my Life and Food Journeys 
  • Watch How I make Quick, E-Z, Delicious and Nutritious RAWcipes 
  • Check out my Reviews and Links to Products that I use in my Daily RAW World 
  • Read About How I get my NRG without Coffee …. 

And, if you are looking for a Jumpstart to a SUPER FAST NRG BOOST ….

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GREEN is the New Black

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Green Is The New Black

How to KICK KOFFEE to the Kurb!

 Whether you are a:

  • Mom who wants to feed her Family Time-Saving, Nutritious and Delicious Foods
  • Student who wants more Mental Focus without the aid of a Drug like Caffeine (Get your FREE e-Book above)
  • Professional who needs More Energy to do Everything on the List!
  • Busy Person who doesn’t always want to Order-In Crappy Food, or get it from the Drive-thru full of MSM and GMO’s
  • Active Person yet can’t seem to get rid of those extra pounds, no matter how much time you spend in the Gym!
  • Consciousness Person who just wants to Clean Up your Diet with Vegan-Friendly RAW Foods
  • Physically Motivated Person who wants to Take it Up a Notch through High Powerful Nutrition
  • Entrepreneur who has little or no extra Time to spend in the Kitchen 
  • Senior who wants to Embrace Health and Wellness without Prescription Drugs and a Cane!
  • OR, someone my Age (I’m 60+) who wants to Defy Aging …..This Website is for you!

I’ve created this Site for People who:

  • Have never even heard of RAW Plant-Based Foods until now
  • Don’t even really know What RAW Plant-Foods are, but want to find out
  • Really have no idea What to do, OR Where to Start OR, What to eat
  • Have no clue What basic Ingredients or Foods to Buy
  • Have little or no idea How to Prepare these Foods
  • Don’t know What Kitchen Tools to Buy or How to use them

My Site is also for you if you are:

  • Having a hard time with Food Planning and Prepping Meals
  • Don’t want to spend time in the Kitchen Cooking and Baking
  • Looking for Easy, Fast, Delicious and Nutritious RAWcipes

And most importantly, my Site is for you if:

  • You are struggling with your Health and have Health Issues
  • Need more Energy to get through your Day (Subscribe for FREE NRG Gift)
  • Can’t seem to get that Weight off (and you’ve tried almost everything)
  • You are not making Smart Food Choices (and really don’t know how)
  • You are not Feeling Great from all the Crap you are Eating and Drinking

This is also for you if you want to:

  • ReBoot
  • ReVive
  • ReCharge
  • ReActivate Your Life!

And here are 5 More Reasons Why this Site is for YOU, but only if you want to:

1.  Lose Weight

2.  Feel Energized

3.  Get Your Glow On

4.  Improve your Health

5.  Reverse the Signs of Aging

Here you will:

  • Find out What RAW Plant-Based Foods are all about and What they are going to do for you
  • Dive into WHY Eat RAW Food and Reasons for making the Change to GO RAW
  • Learn What to Buy and Eat and How to make Alternative Healthy RAW Food Choices
  • Understand the Differences between RAW Organic Plant-Based Foods vs. Conventional and GMO Foods.
  • Learn the Differences between Cooking Food vs. RAW Food
  • Discover How to prepare Easy RAW Plant-Based RAWcipes through my E-books, Posts and RAW Videos on my YouTube Channel
  • See what Products and Kitchen Tools I use and where to get them
  • Learn Beauty and Anti-Aging Secrets
  • Read about How to Get Energy without Caffeine by Subscribing to my Website

You will Get Your FREE e-book:

Going from Black Bean to CLEAN GREEN

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Did You Know ….

Humans are the ONLY Creatures on the Planet that cook their Food and, Humans are the ONLY Creatures on the Planet that gets Sick and gets Diseases.

Through my RAW Plant-Based Journey, I realized that I could help people get on the right track towards Health and Wellness the way I did.  And, as I mentioned before, I haven’t been sick one day since I went RAW and, I cleared up All of my Health issues. Nothing else matters if you don’t have your Health!

Your Health is Your Wealth!    

It’s just that simple.

Everything I Share on my Website, in my Blogs, e-Newsletters, e-Books, Guides and YouTube Channel, I’ve Done, Experienced, Tasted and Eaten!  I’ve spent hours in my Kitchen creating SIMPLE RAWcipes, because I wanted to SIMPLIFY my Life. 

I’m a busy lady running two passionate Careers and as I mentioned, a Very High-Maintenance ChiWoWwOw. LOL  I have a ton of responsibilities, with running an entire household on my own, and fully engaging in two Entrepreneurial Businesses, so Time is Very Valuable to me, as I’m sure it is to you! That’s a BIG reason why I love RAW Food – it’s so Easy and Time-Efficient.

Here are some of the things I am Determined to Help Educate and Inform people Like YOU about:

  • How to Save Time in your Kitchen
  • Time-Saving Tips and Tricks
  • How to Eat to Save your Life 
  • How to Re-Think How Food is connected to Everything
  • How to Learn where your Food comes from and How it gets to you 
  • How to Backtrack your Food from Land, to your Table to your Mouth
  • How Food works inside your Body
  • How to Respect your Food and be Grateful for your Food
  • How to Eat for Fuel and Be Mindful and Present while you Eat 

I want to Help people like you Change Your Life ….

And, You Can Change!

You can overcome your Health Issues!

You can overcome your Weight Struggles!

You can have More Energy and Look Younger! 

You can learn How to Eat and Enjoy RAW, Living Plant-Based Foods!

It’s Never Too Late to make a Change!

I want to Educate you:

  • Why you should put RAW, Organic Plant-Based Food into your Body
  • How RAW Plant-Based Food helps your Mind, Spirit and Soul
  • How RAW Plant-Based Food helps you Lose Weight, Look Younger and Reverses the signs of Aging
  • How you will have more Energy, Feel Better and have less Ailments, Headaches, Aches and Pains
  • How a whole host of things that you experienced, like Colds, Flues, Inflammation, Allergies and much more, will disappear!

It’s the Easiest and Fastest form of Eating, and it’s the Most Efficient!

RAW Foods are Vibrant, Nourishing and the Tastiest of Foods.

You may not ever be 100% RAW, and that’s OK …

Start making Positive Changes in your Life with

One RAW Plant-Based Drink, Smoothie, Salad, Fruit or Veggie at a time!


Through my Blogs, e-Books, Courses and Guides, Facebook Community, Social Media Platforms, YouTube Channel and this Website I want to HELP YOU SUCCEED!

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I have so much I want to share with you, and help you on your way to a Healthier, more Fabulous YOU!

It’s never too late to Change, and to be the Best Version of Yourself!

RAW Plant-Based Food has helped me have More Energy!

I’ve lost Weight, Feel Great and have become Healthier!

Now it’s YOUR turn!

Here are my e-Guides for 7DAY RAW

It’s not just about Eating, Prepping and Making RAW Plant-Based RAWcipes, but also about a Whole Lot MORE!!!

Which Guide matches your Profile?


  • Get Healthier
  • Get Motivated
  • Get More Energy
  • Get out of your FUNK
  • Get some Weight OFF
  • Get a Complete Grocery Fuel Guide for the Week
  • Get Complete and Simple Daily Plans on What to Make
  • Get Step-By-Step Instructions on Meal Prepping
  • Get Exact Ingredients and Step-By-Step Instructions on Making RAWcipe

INTERMEDIATE $24.99 (launching soon)

  • Boost Energy
  • Lose Inches
  • Lose Weight
  • Stay Motivated and on Track
  • Learn about Journaling with Gratitude
  • Learn How to Chose and Use Alternatives
  • Learn More about RAW Foods and Moods
  • Get a Complete Grocery Fuel Guide for the Week
  • Get Complete and Simple Daily Plans on What to Make
  • Get Step-By-Step Instructions on Prepping
  • Get Exact Ingredients and Step-By-Step Instructions Making RAWcipes

ADVANCED $24.99 (launching soon)

  • Take it up a Notch and to the NEXT LEVEL with SLEEP RITUALS
  • Tackle Kitchen Kleanup
  • Activity for Longevity
  • Journaling with Gratitude
  • Create 10 Promises to Yourself
  • Learn the Benefits of Meditation
  • Power Prepping for the Week ahead
  • Get a Complete Supplement Guide for the Week
  • Get a Complete Grocery Fuel Guide for the Week
  • Get Complete and Power Prep Plan on What to Make and Do
  • Get Step-By-Step Instructions on Prepping 
  • Get Exact Ingredients and Step-By-Step Instructions on Making RAWcipes


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