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7 day boost for beginners

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7DAYS of RAW, Vegan, Gluten & Diary-Free, 
Plant-Based, Whole Foods

For a Healthier and More Beautiful YOU!

7DAY BOOST for Beginners


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    6 DAYS of Eating RAW, Vegan, Diary and Gluten-Free, Plant-Based Whole Foods
  • RAWlicious Desserts, Nutritious Snacks, Power-Packed Meals, Yummy Smoothies and Healthy Drinks!
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    E-BOOK:  Complete 7DAY Instructions and Directions for Fast & Easy RAWcipes, all carefully Designed for Your Healthy Success!
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    VIDEOS: Instructional "How To" to make it Easier for You!
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    BLOGS: Information about RAW Plant Based Food Fully Explained 
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    LIST: Kitchen Equipment You Will Need to Help Save You Time!
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    FREE BONUS #1: Grocery List of All Ingredients You Will Need for Your RAWlicious RAWcipes.
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    FREE BONUS #2: Grocery 'Fuel' Chart to Keep you On Track & Focused in the Grocery Store.
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    FREE BONUS #3: Daily Motivational Mantra Cards to Help you Stay Positive and Happy!
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    EXTRA FREE BONUS: Coaching Session! 30 Minutes with VeRAWonica! Get your questions ready!

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I’m a VeRAWonica ~ The Foodie Food Girl, RAW Plant-Based Chef, Author, Speaker and Motivational Food/Lifestyle Coach. And now, after years of being a RAW Foodie, I’m pretty much an Expert on RAW Plant-Based Foods.

I’m also a Dog Mom to my little Precious Long-Haired Chihuahua Jasmine, who I have on a RAW Meat and Botanical Diet (RAW For Dogs coming Soon) and, I'm also Full-Time Real Estate Broker, so I need High Levels of Energy all the time and I can't afford to be Sick!

After years of experimenting with different Diets, you know, Calorie Counting, Weighing Food, Food Combining, Fad Diets and generally Watching and Recording everything I ate, I become obsessed with Food, yet I was not getting the Results I wanted! . . . Have you been there too?

I have been a Study and Student of Health and Wellness for over 20 years and yet, never seemed to attain Optimal Health. I was Sick a lot and had Health issues like Asthma, Allergies, Bleeding Gums, Constant and Random Cuts on my Fingers and Feet (so weird), Unexplained Rashes, Aches, Joint Pain, Back Pain, Knee and Hip Pain, Bloating and Gas, Colds, Flues, Sinusitis, Dry Skin, Depression and Menopause (and what goes with that like Hot Flashes, excess Belly Weight, Low Sex Drive).  All of which, I was told was 'normal' and because of my AGE!

It wasn’t until I found the RAW, Organic, Vegan, Diary-Free, Gluten-Free, Plant-Based Whole Foodstyle that things started to change ... Which are a lot of words, but when you break it down, it's actually just Real Food in its Natural State.

My Health issues just Disappeared, along with my Menopausal Belly and Weight in general, my Energy Level shot up to a New High and, I slowly watched as my Fine Lines and Wrinkles smoothed out! This Foodstyle Really Works! No more Counting Calories, Weighing Food and, the Bonus ... You can Eat as much as You want and can, which is kind of RAWmazing!

The problem with going RAW Plant-Based so many years ago, was that it was not mainstream and few people heard of it.  I had to find out everything by myself with the help of a few people in the world who did write and speak about it. I Experimented on myself so much, until finally, I started creating my own RAWcipes. I wanted to Take it up a Notch and became a RAW Plant-Based Chef.

And now, because of my long Journey to here, I want to Help People like You cut to the chase so to speak, meaning I want to save You the time it took me, to learn and understand this Foodstyle.

I’m here now to Help You Regain not only Your Health, but to BOOST Your Energy too! I want to show You How You too can Lose Weight and Keep it off for Good! Look and Feel Younger! I want to Inspire and Empower you to be the Best Version of Yourself! 

 ~ I'm in my Early 60's and I Feel Look and Great! 

I’m living proof that this Foodstyle can Reverse the signs of Aging!  You too CAN Clear Your Skin, Heal Your Gut, Smooth out Fine Lines and Wrinkles. You too CAN Heal and Eliminate many of Your Health Issues! No more Colds! You won't be Sneezing from Pollen or Dust! Your Organs and Skin will Detox, Cleanse and Clean themselves through the Nutrient-Dense Plant-Based RAW Foods you will be Feeding Your Body and Cells. And, as a Bonus, Your Body will Respond and Reward You with Glowing Overall Health!

By adding RAW Plant-Based Foods into your Foodstyle, you too can Embrace Your Health and Wellness, and I’m here as Your Coach, to Help you do just that!

I live in Toronto, Canada where the Winters are Cold and after switching to this High Energy and Living form of Foodstyle, I don’t even want Hot, Cooked Foods anymore. Buying Organic RAW Plant-Based Foods is no longer a question of Money, because without your Health, Money means nothing. As I always say, Your Health Is Your Wealth. 

It's now all about Health and Fueling my Body to Preform at it's Peak. You either pay now with Nutritious, Organic Food, OR you pay the Doctor later by being Sick!  Why not Pay now, and Live and Enjoy Your Healthy Life!

 ~ Enjoy Your New Lifestyle,  through this New Foodstyle!

BOOST Your Way to Health & Wellness with 

7DAY BOOST For Beginners!

RAWmazing FAB 

Gayle Herrington

Following VeRAWonica on her social media platforms has been eye-opening... Her passion for healthy, RAW Food has inspired me to embrace them more in my own life. Her 'RAWcipes' are interesting, creative and unique & her Lifestyle Tips have inspired me to make them mine too.  

 VeRAWonica is the real deal. Her enthusiasm and energy are contagious.  She is simply a walking advertisement for the benefits of a RAW, Organic,
Plant-Based Diet.

Oliva Rolfe

Ever since I met VeRAWonica The Foodie Food Girl, 5 years ago, she has been teaching me how to live a Healthier lifestyle. 

I always drank Coffee and she told me about Energy from Green Drinks. I just didn’t want to make the change. But now that she wrote GREEN is the New Black, I read it, and listened to it and am I incorporating GREEN Drinks into my Daily Life.

Barry Harris

VeRAWonica is a living example of Health & Wellness. By eating the living plant foods that she eats and makes for people, her passion to help others is undeniable.

Never in a million years did I think that I would be eating RAW Plant Foods, Dandelions and buying a Spiralizer! LOL

Daily Meal Plans:

7 Day RAW for Beginners Guide

  #1 - Wakeup & Cleanse Drink
  #2 - Morning NRG Green Drink
  #3 - RAWsome Lunch 

  #4 - RAWmazing  Snack
  #5 - RAWking Dinner
  #6 - RAWlicious Dessert

  • I'll Guide you Every Step of your RAW Plant-Based Journey! 
  • Discover How Fast & Easy RAW Plant-Based Eating can be!
  • Learn How to Make Simple & Time-Saving RAWcipes!

Look Younger & Feel Sexy Again!

  • Feel Yourself Get Healthier!
  • Feel the Boost of Energy!
  • Feel Great All the Time!
  •  Feel Your Weight Drop Off!


RAW Plant Based Chef

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