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5 Tips on How to stay on a RAW Plant-Based Diet during Holidays

5 Tips on How to stay on a RAW Plant-Based Diet during Holidays

RAW Holidays!

Food Tips & Tricks to Stay on Track during this Festive Time of Year.

With the Holiday Season fast approaching, remember you can do it!  You can stick to Healthier Choices – it’s all about respecting your Body and the Environment!

A Few Helpful Tips to stay on Track:

1. If you are going to a Party, offer to bring a dish. If the food choices at the Party aren’t Healthy ones, then you can eat what you brought!

2. Eat before going to an Event or Party.  Filling up on your own Food will help stop any desire to eat unhealthy, cooked foods.

3. Check out the Food Table for Healthy RAW Plant-Based Food options and load up on those.

4. Call the Hostess ahead of time and tell her your a RAW Plant-Based Foodist (explain if you have to), and ask if there will be any non-cooked options available.

5. Drink Water as it will fill you up and keep you on track.

Have your Answers ready! 

You will get people asking you why you eat RAW Plant-Based Food. The questions usually come in a stunned kind of tone.  It’s best to have some answers ready for their questions.  I make it light, give them an answer and ask them a question in return.  This is where I do my best to not alienate them, but offer them some insight into this lifestyle. Here are some common questions and some of my suggested answers:

What do you mean you don’t eat cooked food? (Astonished)

Cooked Food has little to no Nutritional Value and I’m all about Fueling my Body with Nutritionally-Rich Foods. I wanted more Energy, a Vibrant and Healthier Life, to Lose Weight and look Younger!  I’ve accomplished all of those through RAW Plant-Based Foods.  Would you be interested in knowing more?

If you only eat Fruits & Veggies – What the heck do you eat? (Bewildered)

Did you know, I can eat as much as I want and never gain a pound!  You’d be surprised just what you can make from Nuts and Seeds along with Fruits and Veggies.  Do you like Ice Cream?  All you need is Ice, Frozen RAW Bananas, a Date and a Blender and you can make Nice Cream.  Try it – you’ll love it!

No Diary?  At All? (Shocked)

I’ve chosen Kindness over Cruelty, so I make my Mylks, Yogurts and Cheeses out of Nuts, Irish Moss and Coconut Meat.  Ever tried Almond Mylk? It’s Delicious especially Home-Made!

Why aren’t you eating anything? (Disbelief)

Oh, I ate before I came so now I can just enjoy everyone’s company – like I’m enjoying yours right now.

If they push, then I continue with:  I only eat RAW meaning Uncooked Plant Foods and really don’t want to sway from the commitment I made to myself and, there aren’t any choices here for me to make, unless you’ve seen a Salad somewhere?

Where do you get your Protein from if you don’t eat meat? (Puzzled)

Well, did you know the largest Animals on the Planet get their Protein from Plants?  Yup, Elephants, Gorillas, Panda Bears, Rhinos get their muscles from Protein by chewing and chewing, which breaks open the Amino Acids in the Plants that turn into Protein in the body.  I use my Vitamix to do that for me, since I don’t want to chew that much.  Ever tried a Green Smoothie – I bet you would love it!  A little Kale, a Banana some Coconut Water and WOW!   Quick & Easy to do too.  Pour that 3 second Smoothie into a cup and off you go.   It’s faster than making a Coffee and gives you Way more of a Boost!


So, arm yourself with these Tools and set out Enjoying what’s really important this and Every Holiday Season – Friends, Family and Loved Ones.  

If you Slip and Slide down that Slippery Slope, do not beat yourself up.  There are temptations everywhere!  Just pick yourself up, and start walking back up to the Top of that Hill.  The View’s Better and, you will Feel Better!

What do I bring when I go somewhere – a Salad! Great thing about a Salad, no one will question it, and most people won’t eat it, so that leaves lots for you!!!

Here’s a quick and easy Dessert Tree that I made out of RAW Fruit.  It’s Fun, Healthy and usually a Hit at any Party or Event.  

  • Wash and cut off the top and bottom of a Large Apple so they are both flat.  
  • Core to the size of a Large washed and peeled Carrot and insert into the Apple.
  • Insert Long Skewers into the Apple and Carrot starting at the bottom and tapering the length of the skewers on the way up as in Tree #1
  • Use shorter skewers as in Tree #2.  
  • Be Creative and use your Imagination.
  • Use Cookie cutters to cut out Fruit Shapes, Melon Baller for balls to add some variety.  
  • Always use Fresh, RAW and Organic Fruit.
  • Choose from Cantaloupe; Grapes; Kiwi (you can eat the skin); Strawberries; Pineapple; Blueberries; Watermelon – whatever Fruits you want.
  • I would however suggest not to use Fruits like Bananas as they brown very quickly once peeled.   Have Fun and Enjoy!


Tree #1


Tree #2