Improve Health~ Lose Weight~ Feel Great~ Boost Energy~ Look Younger~ Get Your Sexy ON!

One-on-One Health, Life and Foodstyle Coaching with VeRAWonica

One-on-One Health, Life and Foodstyle Coaching with VeRAWonica

  When You Eat Great, You Look Great!

  It’s that Simple.

*  Making the Switch to a Cleaner Foodstyle requires Knowledge and Understanding.

*  Once you Know and Understand What you are Eating and Why, the Results will Speak for Themselves.

*  One you see the Results, it will become New Foodstyle will become your New Lifestyle.

Below are some of the things I can Help You with: 

  • HEALTH – Reduce and even Eliminate Health Issues such as, Inflammation; Digestion; Aches; Pains; Colds; Flues and Allergies
  • BEAUTY – Get Glowing Skin, Reduce and Eliminate Rashes; Blemishes; Large Pores and Blackheads
  • ANTI-AGING – Reduce and Eliminate Fine Lines and Wrinkles
  • MENOPAUSE – Improve and Eliminate Hot Flashes, Brain Fog and Restless Sleep
  • WEIGHT – Get Rid of and Keep off that extra Weight For Good!
  • SLEEP – Get a  Restful, Deeper and more Peaceful Sleep
  • ENERGY – Increase and Boost Energy,  Reduce and Eliminate Depression, Lethargy and Feeling Tired all the Time
  • MOJO – Get Your Mojo Back and Get Out of Your Funk 
  • SEXY  Bring Back Your Sexy Self no matter what your Age!
  • ATTITUDE – Maintain and Keep a Positive Attitude, Self Image and Set Yourself Up for Success!
  • EMOTIONAL – Feel Happy and FABulous all the Time
  • ANGER ISSUES – Release and Let Go of Anger, Frustration, Sadness
  • ALERTNESS – Maintain Your Focus, Get Clarity, Improve Concentration and Eliminate Brain Fog
  • FOOD CHOICE – Learn about Food Alternatives, and How to Make Better Food Choices
  • CRAVINGS – Curb those Sugar and Salt Binges and Finally Get Control over your Food, not the other way around
  • RAWCIPES – Make and Create RAWlicious and RAWmazing RAWcipes


*  This Foodstyle is Simple, Fast, Easy and Fun.

*  There are No Pots or Pans to Wash and No Cooking, Frying or Baking Required.

*  You Can Eat as Much as You Want.  No more Measuring, Weighing Your Food or Counting Calories.

*  Your Health is really the ONLY thing you can control and I’ll show you How.


Get Started by Clicking on the Coaching Link in the Top Menu! 


See you on the Other side of your Screen!


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