How to Make RAW Meat Dog Treats using Dehydrator

How to Make RAW Meat Dog Treats using Dehydrator

Organic, RAW Healthy Dog Treats made Easy!

Every time I go to a Doggie ‘Boutique’ or Dog Speciality Store, I always check out their Treats.  It’s been really hard to find RAW, Organic Meat Treats as they usually have some kind of fillers in them.  I found some Chicken Strips that added Banana and Apple to their strips, but the only problem was, the chicken was not Human Grade, not Organic and not RAW.  I called the company in the U.S. and spoke to the Owner. After our long conversation, I did decided to buy them. They were expensive, but my little Chihuahua Jasmine loved them.  

When I ran out of these Chicken Strip Treats for Jazzy, I made a special trip to the little store where I found them.  They were sold out.  Oh no! On my way home, I thought, why not make my own RAW, Organic Healthy Dog Treats for my Princess.  How hard can it be?  I made my way to my Local Organic Grocery Store and bought several different kinds of Meats.  

RAW Meat for Dog Treats

Here’s how I make them …. The first thing I do, is prep my counter – I use Plastic Wrap on my Counter and on my Cutting Board, and I wear Plastic Gloves.  This way, I can toss everything when I’m finished and it protects my worktop area and my fingernails.  I cut the Meat into small pieces and hammer it with my Manual Tenderizing Hammer. I Pound using the large side of the Hammer on both sides of the meat.  The thinner the meat, the better for the Dehydrator as it will dry faster.

Tenderize RAW Meat for Dog Treats

This is a great opportunity to get in some great ingredients, vitamins, minerals and Superfoods.  I use many different Toppings, but please just make sure that you use Dog Appropriate Food.  Never use Grapes, Raisins, Onions. Garlic, Chocolate, Tomatoes, Mushrooms, Pitted Fruit, Nuts or Avocado.

Toppings for RAW Meat Dog Treats

Whether fresh or frozen, Berries are Antioxidant Divas and are good for Dogs for the same reason they are good for humans: They fight Free-Radicals.

Dogs, are exposed to Environmental Pollutants and Harmful Chemicals such as Pesticides, Insecticides, Cigarette smoke and Toxic Household Products. If you are still using Chemicals to clean your Floor, please note that those Chemicals will be picked up by your Dog’s Paws and will go directly into their Blood Stream.  These Environmental Pollutants and Chemicals cause Free Radicals that release and cause Oxidation in the Dog’s body. If you don’t feed your a Dog RAW Food Diet, they will need Supplements and Antioxidants because Conventional Pet Food contains Processed Food and Fillers and have only minimal amounts of Antioxidants.  Antioxidants help slow the Aging Process, and protect against many Diseases and other Chronic Degenerative conditions.  

Parsley, Kale, Cilantro are full of Protein, Fiber, Vitamins and contain many important Trace Minerals.  Parsley helps with good Breath and eating this Herb yourself and Feeding it to your Dog after a Meal, is a great Breath Freshener. Cilantro helps move Heavy Toxins out of the Body.

Chia & Flax Seeds are high Omega Fatty Acids, Protein & Fiber.  I add the Sprouted Ground Seeds.

Blue-Green Algae, Spirulina or Chlorella are Nutrient Powerhouses.  These Superfoods are Sea Vegetables and contain complete Proteins, and are high in B12, which is great for Vegans. I sprinkle it on my Dog’s treats and on Jasmine’s RAW Meat Food every day as well. I happen to use a Blue-Green Algae product by The Edge – check out their link for Dogs: Blue-Green Algae Benefits for Dogs

Next comes the fun part – Topping the Meat Pieces.  I sprinkle on a little of this and a little of that on each piece.  It almost looks like Hors D’Oeuvres doesn’t it?

Hint: Keep the pieces close together without touching as the Dehydrator takes out the water content in food, and the meat pieces will shrink a bit.

RAW Meat Dog Treats ready for the Deydrator

Pop into your Dehydrator for Approximately 24 Hours or until you can snap them easily in half.  I found the firmer the better.  I must say my Dog will tell me when they are ready as she sits right in front of the Dehydrator and looks at me. 

Dehydrated RAW Meat Treats with Toppings for Dogs

I store mine in a Glass Containers in the Fridge, and when I open that lid, Jazzy comes running!

RAW Home Made Organic Dog Treats

Your 4-Legged Babies will love you for these Healthy, RAW Treats, but please don’t feed them too many.  The Meat is pure Protein and the toppings are also jam-packed with Protein.  The maximum I give my 10lb Chihuahua is 2 pieces a day as she gets her RAW Meat Dinner packed with other goodies daily. 

RAW Food Plus other Goodness for your Dog



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