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KENNEL COUGH – A Natural Remedy for DOGS

KENNEL COUGH – A Natural Remedy for DOGS


Although Dogs are Healthier on a RAW Meat Diet, they too can get Viruses, including Kennel Cough.

Kennel cough, sounds like a dry, hacking cough, and almost like something is stuck in the Dog’s Throat or it’s trying to get rid of a ‘hair ball’.

It is a highly contagious virus, and got its name because it spreads rapidly in places where dogs are in close quarters like boarding kennels, puppy mills and pet shops.

When my sweet little girl came down with this crazy hacking cough, the first thing I did was call my ‘Holistic Vet’. She was on Holidays, so the Receptionist suggested I bring her in and just get a DRUG to SUPPRESS her symptom.  Knowing that my Vet is Holistic, I’m not sure why they thought for a moment I would give my dog an Antibiotic especially since it is similar to a cold.

So I researched what naturally would be good for ‘Kennel Cough’ and found that Echinacea is a great for infection and Coconut Oil and Honey soothes the Throat.  I just so happened to have ‘EchinaSeal’ in my ‘Farmacy’ Cabinet which is an Infection Fighter, and I give RAW, Organic Coconut Oil to Jasmine every day, which by the way, I continue to do daily.  Being Plant-Based, I don’t eat Honey, but I did have some RAW Honey on hand for my friends when they come over for a cup of tea.

I gave Jasmine Coconut Oil which she loves anyway and just licked off my finger, and 5 Drops of Echinaseal in her water with Honey every day for 1 week until my Vet was back and ready to see us. Once at the Vet’s, she confirmed that it is like a cold and Jasmine didn’t have any adverse effects and what I was doing was great.  She gave me a Herbal Remedy Anaflora Flower Essence (which is made especially to treat animals) to use instead of the Echinaseal, which was more suited to where Jasmine was in her recovery.

One week later, Jasmine is back to herself with NO DRUGS.  I personally am so happy that I have a Holistic Vet who takes the time to figure out the symptom in order to prescribe a Natural Cure.

Feeding your Dog RAW is one of the best protections you can give your Dog for their Health and Well-Being.  When a Dog’s Body is fed Highly Dense Nutritional Food, Live Enzymes and Vitamins and Minerals, your Dog will live a Longer, Happier, Healthier Life.  It costs more to visit the Conventional Vet than to feed your Dog a RAW Meat Diet.  And Typically your Holistic Vet bills consist of once-a-year regular checkups.  The amount of times your Dog will get sick are so few and far between. 

As a Rule of Thumb, beside the RAW Meat Diet of Bones, Organs and Cartilage add:

2 Drops of Chlorophyll

2 Drops of RAW Organic Apple Cider Vinegar

1 Probiotics (1 teaspoon of Bio K which is LIVE)

1/2 teaspoon EFA (Essential Fatty Acid)

1 teaspoon RAW Organic Coconut Oil



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