Why Dogs and Cats need RAW Meat Diet – Differences Between Humans and Carnivores


which means they Eat RAW MEAT

Carnivore and Human Teeth

FACT:  Humans are the only Animals on this Planet that cook their food.  Have you ever seen or known of any Carnivores in the Wild, to cook their Food? No – They hunt and eat their Prey immediately afterwards and will eat every part of their Prey, including Bones, Cartilage and Organs. Carnivores’ Anatomy, which includes Cats and Dogs, has not changed that much over time.  

Years ago, when I was young, we had a Cat named Tinker that was let out at night to hunt.  We did give her and the local Dog down the street, dinner scraps and soup bones.  That’s what Pets got a lot of the time our dinner leftovers.

Times have changed and we Humans are living very fast lives, so fast that we don’t take time prepare our own Food, so how are our Pets going to get Table Scraps? The Pet Companies caught on to this Fast Lifestyle and started manufacturing convenience “Food” for our Pets. Cans and Bags of Dry and Wet Food – just open and pour – fast and easy.  These products are made for Long-Term Storage, which means, they are full of Chemicals and Preservatives.  They are also full of FILLERS like Grains. We Humans have tried to change the way we feed our Carnivore Pets when we really should be giving our Pets what they really need…. RAW MEAT, FATS and GREENS.  RAW Meat has Live, Living Enzymes that Nourish a Carnivores’ Cells, whereas, Dry, Dead Dog Food has Nothing Live in it.

Carnivores in the Wild also eat GRASS and Green stuff like Botanicals.  That’s why Chlorophyll, Blue-Green Algae and Kelp, is so important for our Pets and should be part of our Pets’ Diet (both Cats & Dogs).  Carnivores get good Fats in the Wild, so our beloved Four Legged Babies, also need these Essential Fatty Acids added to their Diet.

TEETH, JAWS & MOUTHS:  There are so many reasons why Humans are Different from Carnivores as the list indicates above.  One of the clear differences are the Teeth. Carnivores have Sharp Fangs to Tear and Rip their Meat and Swallow their Food in chunks.  “Wolf their Food Down” is a saying that literally describes this, since Carnivores do not need to pre-digest their Food at the Mouth level as Humans do with their Mouth Digestive Juices. Carnivores can also open their Mouths much wider than Humans can, in order to be able to lock onto their Prey.  Carnivores cannot move their Jaws sideways, but Humans can, as it allows us to Grind our Food to pulp and then liquid format before swallowing.  Humans also have blunt-shaped Teeth which helps us break down and Chew our Food.  Another reason Humans shouldn’t even eat Meat. 

DIGESTIVE SYSTEM:  Carnivores have an Intestinal Tract that is substantially shorter (approx. 5 feet) vs. Humans’ (approx. 25 feet), which means, a Carnivore can complete Digestion in about 3 hours as opposed to a Human Digestive System taking around 15 Hours or more.  Also the Digestive Juices in a Carnivore is much Stronger and more Acidic than a Human’s, which is Alkaline. Humans need Fibre to stimulate the Intestinal Tract which Carnivores don’t.  That’s why these Dog and Cat Food Manufacturers putting in Fibre and Fillings and Grains does not make sense for our Pets, but does make a lot of Dollars for them.

This Video was posted through Instagram which says it all.  What a Good Mommy @furdexter


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