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What to do with Left Over Watermelon?

What to do with Left Over Watermelon?

I was helping to host a BBQ Party for a large crowd of 60 people and I wanted to make sure we had Healthy, Fresh Fruit for Dessert. And what’s better than FResh, ORGANIC, RAW Watermelon! It’s in season now (September), so take advantage of using Watermelon whenever you can, in your Salad, in your Juice and just Sliced.

Here’s a great way to cut in order Watermelon in order to serve a lot of people. Cut the Watermelon in half. Flip each half onto a cutting board flat side down. Slice 1″ thick slices, then turn the board in opposite direction and slice the Watermelon again Cube-like. Wrap with an Elastic Band around the bottom of each Watermelon half to keep from falling apart, plus makes it easier to slide off the cutting board onto trays.

Cubed Watermelon

Here’s me at the Party, taking the first piece of Watermelon out of the Rubik’s Cube! It looks like a long rectangular Watermelon Popsicle!

Eating the First Slice of Watermelon

After having a huge event, I was left with some ‘Left Over’ Watermelon. I was so tired the nite of the party (cleaning up etc), that I just covered the Watermelon with some plastic wrap and put it into my fridge. Because Watermelon tastes best Freshly cut, the second day it really isn’t as delicious. So what I do, is Juice the Watermelon in my Vitamix, including the white part close to the rind.  I fill Ice Cube Trays with the Juice and Freeze it.  Imagine in the Winter, dropping some of these cubes into a Drink – you will me smiling and thinking about the Summer! 

RAW Organic Watermelon

If you have some extra Watermelon Juice left over, put it in a Glass Jar and Refrigerate.  Add to Smoothies or your Juices. 

RAW Watermelon Juice

If you drink this or any other Fruit Juice on its own, add half Watermelon Juice and half Water.  There’s alot of Sugar when you Juice your Fruits, so water cuts down the amount of sugar you take in. …   Enjoy!



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