RAW Plant-Based Food vs. Cooked Food

RAW Plant-Based Food vs. Cooked Food

Although Humans have been Cooking Food for Thousand of Years, NO other Animal on the Planet Cooks its Food.  NO other Animal on the Planet experiences Disease (other than if Humans have fed Animals).  NO other Animal on this Planet drinks another Animal’s Milk – only Humans do that.  All Animals on this Planet eat RAW Food.  Humans are the only ones that do not, unless you are a RAW Foodist.

Why do Humans Cook their Food?

Cooking Food creates Sensations and Emotions that trigger Memories.  The Smell(s) of Cooking / Cooked Food can Entice or Repel.  Cooking Food often brings Family and Friends together. Socially, Cooked Food creates Gatherings.

BUT, there is a Disconnect between Eating Cooked Food and understanding just what Cooked Food does to the Food and to the Human Body.

What does Cooking do to Food?

Cooking and Heat changes and radically alters the Molecular and Chemical Structure of Foods:

  • Proteins are Denatured
  • Renders Nutrients unusable to the Body
  • Fats are Oxidized & become potentially Dangerous Compounds such as Trans-Fatty Acids, Free Radicals and other Toxins
  • Sugars and Starches are progressively Caramelized and Complicated which creates Erratic and Excessive Body Sugar Metabolism Reactions
  • Enzymes are extremely Heat Sensitive and their destruction means other Vital Nutrients have probably been Damaged
  • Minerals return to their Inorganic Ash State making them Unusable and Toxic to the Body
  • Vitamins are Inactivated and turn into Toxic or Useless Chemical Structures that no longer add to the Capable Function of the Body
  • Poisonous, Highly-Reactive Free Radicals are produced adding to the Body’s Burden and Accelerates Aging

 RAW Plant-Based Food

What does Cooking do to Your Body?

Anything that is consumed by the Body that cannot be Digested or Stored, must be Eliminated as Waste.

Eating Cooked Food produces a lot of Waste in the Body, so much so, that our Eliminative Organs cannot keep up, and Waste continues to Accumulate.

This Accumulation leads to an overall Toxic State in the Body and ends up resulting in Disease.

Eating Cooked Food is like piling so much Trash into the Garbage Bin that it overflows and the Garbage Men (your Eliminative Organs) can’t keep up. Eventually the Trash is going to overtake the Front Yard and you’re going to have a Problem.  

Just by Eating Cooked Food, the Body’s White Blood Cells must Triple or Quadruple in order to Expel and Counteract the offending substances (just like when the body has been given any Poison or Drug – it creates the same Defensive Response).

A lifetime of Eating Cooked Food causes the Body to become Saturated in Waste.

Cooked, Unnatural (including Chemical, GMO, Hormone, Additives) and Processed Food is less Digestible which can cause Digestive Issues

Tissues that are in constant contact with these Toxins become Irritated, Inflamed, Ulcerated, Hardened and Degenerate.

Cells die at an Accelerated Rate

Organs lose Functionability

The Body develops Chronic Illnesses and Diseases

RAW Plant-Based Food

Eating RAW Plant-Based Food is Better than Cooking