Why RAW MEAT for Dogs?

The Holistic Way For Cats and Dogs


When I got my little Chihuahua, it seemed like I was always heading to the Vet. My wallet in one arm, and Jasmine in the other. Medication after Medication, special Dry Diet Food after another.  No one really seemed to know what was wrong with her.  I often would find her limp and lifeless and quickly took her yet again, to the Vet where they would put her on IV and say she was dehydrated. Then, when I found her almost passed out and almost no life to her at all, I rushed her to my Vet, who insisted she go immediately into the Hospital.  

7 Days …. of Agony, Pain, Crying (me).  Jasmine’s Eyes were Dull, Her Hair was dry, she was Shaved in numbers spots, IV’s were everywhere.  She wasn’t Eating, or Drinking and was looking worse every day.  She looked, and I’m sure felt terrible, and I, was totally heart-broken.  

I went home after seeing her like this below and thought….That’s it!  My determination kicked in and I decided then and there, I was going to find a cure!  

Sick Dog Raw Food Heal
Poor Little Jazzy so Sick

Determined, I spent all of my time when I wasn’t with Jasmine in the Hospital, scouring the internet looking for information and answers.  I found something very interesting.  A Website http://www.newholisticway.com and a book called ‘The Holistic Way for Cats and Dogs’ … I read as much as I could and couldn’t get to my phone fast enough.

I immediately made an emergency appointment with the author of this book, a Holistic Vet, then went to the Hospital, got Jasmine and took her to the Holistic Hospital right away.  Within within 5 minutes, the Holistic Vet said, she’ll be fine, she just needs to IMMEDIATELY GET OFF THE MEDICATIONS, EAT RAW MEAT, TAKE an EFA (essential fatty acid) and some CHLOROPHYLL (Greens) and instead of Anti-Botics (which in Greek means Pro Death) add a little PROBIOTICS (Greek for Pro Life).  W H A T ??  Is that all?  Is that it?  That’s what I take!!!! Well, except for the Meat part.

I told this Vet about that book I found online but hadn’t bought  it yet.  Imagine my surprise when the Vet told me he wrote it!  What???  I bought a copy right away which he signed, bought some RAW Meat, some EFA and Liquid Chlorophyll and went back home.  After reading the entire book, I sobbed and cried like a baby – what have I been doing to my dog???  What did those Conventional Vets do to my Dog????

HERE’S what I learned:

Dogs eat RAW MEAT.  They eat and need bones, cartilage and organs. Try to stay away from Liver as the Liver is the filtration system and where Toxins are held.  (Funny how many Dog Treats are made of Liver, because it’s cheap and not wanted). RAW Meat has Live, Living Enzymes that Nourish a Dog’s Cells.

DOGS eat GRASS and Green stuff like Botanicals.  That’s why the Chlorophyll, Blue-Green Algae, Kelp is so important.

DOGS eat Good FAT in the wild, so house–trained dogs now need those Fats, because they lubricate the brain. And so, I added an Essential Fatty Acid which is an Omega 3 Oil (Genestra).

Apple Cider Vinegar is the Magic Healer that helps the Digestive System.

Probiotics especially in Liquid format (they are alive), help with Good Bacteria and Flora in the Digestive System.

I know all of this!!!!  That people need Live, Living, RAW Food for our cells to be nourished!

I know about Apple Cider Vinegar

I know about Greens and Chlorophyll

I know about Organics.

I know about RAW Food

I know about Pro-Biotics!

I should have known better, but I listened to a Conventional Vet, who sold me on Conventional Dry, Dead, Processed, Dog Food.  And they sold me on Vaccines and Heart Worm Medications!  They sold me on Anti-Biotics, Drugs and other Conventional Medications.  This Deadly combination of Garbage was keeping my Dog Sick and the Vet Rich! But No more!  

That was 7 years ago and since then, Jasmine has NOT been sick ONE DAY SINCE.  Everyone can’t believe she’s almost 10 years old.  I stopped everything …. The Meds, going to the Conventional Vet, Dry, Processed, Refined, Filler-Added (probably full of GMO & MSM) Food, Vaccines and Seasonal Heart Worm Medicine.  You know, a simple blood test can determine whether your dog needs Heart Worm Medication or not.  WOW!  Please don’t let your Conventional Vet sell you a Bottle of Deadly Goods!

So, to keep Jasmine healthy (and my money in my wallet), I researched and tried a lot of different types and brands of RAW Meat and found a Great Organic Product that works for us both.  It’s by Pets4Life and called ‘The Ultimate Diet’ Ultimate Diet for Dogs – RAW Meat – Chicken.   I love the ingredients, the fact it’s Organic and I personally have talked to the Owner.

Organic RAW Chicken for Dog Food
The Ultimate Diet – Organic & RAW

I get the 5lb bag (it also comes in 10lb), and I get out my FoodSaver to portion out Jasmine’s Dinners and pop these Serving sizes it into the freezer.  Quick and Easy!

Prepping Jasmine Food
Preparing RAW Meat Dinner Size Packages for Jasmine

This is such a ‘Food’ and Time Saver in the long run.  I just cut open the PBA-Free Plastic and put the meat into a sealed Glass Container in the Fridge the night before so it’s thawed the next day at Dinner time.  I add a little warm water, so it’s not too cold for my Princess.  I also add the Ingredients I mentioned above:  2 Drops of Apple Cider Vinegar, 2 Drops of Chlorophyll, an EFA cap (I open it and squeeze the oil out) and finally, I add some Probiotics.  I drink BIO K Fermented Rice before my dinner, so while I’m preparing Jasmine’s Dinner, I add 1 Tablespoon of BIO K into her Dinner as well.   

raw dog food organic meat
In the Freezer ready made RAW Meat Meals for my Dog Jasmine

Almost everything I eat, Jasmine eats. If I have some Peas, or Strawberries or Blueberries, I give them to her as well – all RAW.  So, if you haven’t yet, please switch your Dog and/or Cat to Raw Food.  You will be doing your Four-Legged Baby a Favour!!!!


Her Eyes are Bright.  Her Fur is Full and Fluffy.  She Walks like she has places to go.  She Runs and Catches her Frisbie mid air.  She Eats her RAW food and Drinks lots of Filtered Water.  If I didn’t know she was 10, I would think she’s still a Puppy!  In fact, alot of people stop me and ask how old she is.  When I tell them, they are surprised.  I am spreading the Word about RAW Dog Food, one Dog at a Time!

Healthy Dog Raw Meat Diet
Jasmine today – Healthy & Happy!

If you, your family (including your 4-legged babies) haven’t transitioned to Raw, or partly Raw, keep reading my posts……

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