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S A L T – A – H O L I C

I love Salt and I was, and still am, a little bit of a Salt-A-Holic.  Before going RAW, I didn’t like Dessert or very many Sweet things.  I craved Salty Foods and always drank alot of water probably because, Salt causes excessive thirst as it pulls water from the bloodstream.  Little did I know then …

I still am fascinated with Salt, but I’ve come along way since using Table Salt, and am still surprised to see how many people still use Sodium Chloride, aka Table Salt.  I changed from simple Table Salt to Sea Salt. Then learned that Pink Rock Himalayan Salt and Celtic Salt are Living Substances which contain the Vital Minerals the Body needs.  I started mixing these Living Salts with Herbs and Berries and still use them (sparingly) in some of my RAW Dishes.  

As a Gift, I received a Hand-Gathered Mediterranean Salt from Spain that blew me away it was so Wonderful.  It Smelt Fabulous, almost Intoxicating with the Herbs. Everytime I opened that little Jar, my Heart almost skipped a beat (Salt-A-Holics will get this).  Because it was so concentrated, I only needed a small pinch of it on my RAW Dishes, plus I think I wanted it to last a long time.  Wow, did it enhance my Food!  

When that little jar of Salt from Spain ran out, instead of crying Salty Tears, I had to figure out how to make it, since I couldn’t find it anywhere and wasn’t going to Spain anytime soon.  I decided to Dehydrate Herbs that I loved and that were very Fragrant.  I went to my Organic Garden and gathered Fresh Oregano; Thyme and Basil.  I had to buy Organic Lemon Grass.  I washed them in Filtered water and clipped the leaves apart spreading them separately on my Dehydrator Trays (without the sheets).  I cut the Lemon Grass into very thin strips.  The smell in my house was just Wonderful…..

Oregano Leaves for the Dehydrated Herb
Organic Oregano Leaves from my Garden ready for the Dehydrator
Floral Thyme Leaves
I left the Flowers on the Organic Thyme

After the Herbs were dried and the aroma filled up my home, (approximately 4-6 hours less than 118 degrees to keep them RAW), I  ground the Dried Herbs in my Nut Blender until they were almost powdery.  

I used the same Blender for the Hand-Harvested Coarse Grey Salt, but didn’t blend the Salt as much because I still wanted the Salt to be a bit coarse.  I used French Grey Salt, which is gathered from the Evaporation of Seawater by the combination of Wind and Sun, found off the Atlantic Coast of France.  It’s not expensive at all and is still moist in the package.

Dehydrated Lemon Grass
Shredded Lemon Grass Dehydrated
Dehydrated Basil
Dehydrated Basil

Since turning RAW, I hardly need Salt for my Foods anymore, as I use so many Herbs to Flavor and Enhance my Dishes.  But this Herbed Salt adds just that little bit extra when you need it.  If you use the entire Bag of Grey Salt and all 4 Dehydrator trays full of Herbs, you will make enough to have it for a very long time.  Or, do what I do, give a little bit away as Gifts.  Just remember to hand it over your Left Shoulder for Good Luck, and make a Wish as you are doing that!

Herbed Grey Salt
Make sure you store in a Glass Jar

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