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FOODIE FOOD girl Raw Food Interview

After the Toronto Total Health Show in April, I was asked to do a TV interview on ‘That Channel’ about RAW Food.  What a fabulous opportunity this was and how much value this interview will be for people wanting to incorporate more RAW Food into their Lifestyle, or for those wanting to make the switch to RAW Food.  But mostly, it was wonderful to have another venue to voice my passion about RAW Plant-Based Food.

Green Energy Juice
Ingredients for a Green, Organic Energy Drink

Since I was going to be interviewed by Hugh Reilly and Hildegard Gmeiner for their ‘Liquid Lunch’ Hour, I thought why not bring my version of my Liquid Lunch, so I made my Green Protein NRG Drink for each of us, as you will see in the interview. PS…they both Loved it!

When you have a Green Juice Drink, it will give you a boost of Energy because the Nutrients and Enzymes are digested so quickly. I added these Organic ingredients:  Green Apple; Papaya Seeds; Celery; Kale; Wheatgrass; Sprouts; Ginger; Cayenne Pepper; Plant Protein Powder and Blue-Green Algae (Superfood).  I also added Coconut Water to give it a bit of sweeeetness.

I had a crazy busy 3 days at the Show and just prepped for my 5 hour RAW Food Basics Workshop when I showed up super casual at the Station. I had no idea what they were going to ask me other than, questions about why I eat Raw Food, Benefits and general stuff.  I had so much fun, and the hour just flew by.  The questions were excellent and it was great to see Hildegard so engaged in our conversation.

Eating a RAW Plant-Based Diet is an excellent way to make many changes, as it helps with Weight Loss, gives you more Energy, helps with Healing, increases your Happiness and helps you Look Younger!  

FOODIE FOOD girl is here to Inspire and Empower Health & Wellness through RAW, Organic, Plant-Based Food.  Incorporating just one or two RAW Food Meals a day will make alot of difference!  This interview is about 30 minutes long and I would really appreciate if you left me your comments below!  

Sit back and Enjoy the Show!

Foodie Food girl Raw Food Interview
All about Raw Food by FOODIE FOOD girl

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